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A $7.8 billion court supervised settlement has been reached to compensate those harmed by the Deepwater Horizon gulf coast oil spill

The settlement will create two classes of claims: economic-loss claims and medical claims. Those under the economic loss category will include individuals, businesses and property owners.

The medical claims will cover individuals who may have health problems because of the spill, including thousands of clean up workers. As part of the settlement many of the individuals may be eligible for medical consultation monitoring and services for the next 21 years.

If You Filed or Were Denied by GCCF – You Should Now File with the Court

The GCCF will be dismantled and a new system will be established that will be run by attorneys and overseen by the courts. If you have already filed with the GCCF and not been paid, then you should file through the court system. We believe it will result in quicker payments and also payments to businesses that were previously denied by the GCCF.

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