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Processing BP Claims In A Claim Center

The following article discusses the procedure when claimant visits a BP claims center to meet the claims adjuster to discuss the submitted claim.

Note that prior to visiting a BP claims center, an individual is required to file a report via phone or online to get an assigned claim number. This makes transactions much faster and more efficient and to avoid any problems along the way. When one has been assigned a claim number, facilitation inside a BP claims center is more convenient.

Claimant will then be contacted to finally meet the claims adjuster to discuss the merits of the claim. If an interpreter is required, claimant can bring his/her own or BP may provide one.

Is there a need for an Attorney?

If a claimant chooses to be represented by a BP lawyer, the claims adjuster is required to communicate only with the attorney. A claimant can also get a written authorization from his/her lawyer so that BP can handle the matter with the claimant personally.

If this is the case, the adjuster will then provide a form that will provide the claimant a written authorization from the attorney assisting in the case. Direct communication with the claimant is not allowed without any written authorization from the attorney.

Whether represented by an attorney or not, each claim is evaluated individually and payments are made to the claimant.

Confirmation of Information and Review of Documents

The adjuster will then need some form of identification from the claimant before discussing the submitted claim. An individual can present any valid photo identification like driver’s license, passport, etc. The adjuster makes a copy of the identification to be included in the filed claims report.

The claimant will then be required to submit supporting documents for the adjuster to review. Copies of these documents are also made and become part of the file. The adjuster determines if the submitted documents can support the claim or if there are additional records or documents that need to be filed. The claimant can visit the BP center anytime for submission of these additional requirements.